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Two years later “Italian Sugar Dream” comes back once again to give you unique emotions one more time. An awesome group of 21 Italian amazing artists made it possible: they put heart, soul and great professionalism into the art of cake design. Through all their works we aim to represent Surrealism in art, in an international way, honoring the great exponents of this movement. All the pieces created are not just “copies” of the famous Surrealist masterpieces: they arise as a result of observation, study, interpretation and personalization of Surrealistic paintings. With this, we wish a pleasant journey between dream and imagination, but above all, we wish you much enjoyment full of wonder and emotion as only a Surrealist work can arouse.

Presented by Global Sugar Artists Network
Hosted by Margherita Ferrara - Fashflower's cake
Facebook: Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration

Here are the Italian Sugar Dreamer and the artists who inspired them:

Adelina Baicu - Adelina Baicu Cake Artist - (Inspiration: "LA BELLA E LA BESTIA E ALTRE FIABE" by Ugo Antonio Levita)

Angela Penta - Angela Penta Cakes - (Inspiration: "LE PETIT TRIANON" by Daniel Merriam)

Anna Ibadulaeva - Tortova - (Inspiration: Heidi Taillerfer)

Belinda Lucidi - La Dolce Vita - Sugar creations - (Inspiration: "SILENT ANGEL" by Boris Shapiro)

Cecilia Campana - Cecilia Campana Cake Art - (Inspiration: "SKY AND WATER" by Maurits Cornelis Escher)

Cesare Corsini - Sugar Factory - di Cesare Corsini - (Inspiration: "VOLTO DELLA GUERRA" by Salvador Dalì)

Claudia Benevento - La torta perfetta - (Inspiration: "STRAWBERRY WHISPERS" by Camilla D'Errico)

Cristina Pontarolo - Artistic Cake Cristina Pontarolo - (Inspiration: "LITHIUM" by Jennifer Healy)

Dorina Xaxho - Il Mondo di Dorina - Cake Design - Dolci Torte Zuccherose e Altre Storie - (Inspiration: "SIRENE" by Mattia Surroz)

Elena Michelizzi - Elena Serena Michelizzi - Cake Designer - (Inspiration: "TWO WORLDS" by Giulio Ingrosso)

Elena Pelizzoli - il mondo di ielle - (Inspiration: SeaGirlfriends Day 18: Musical by Camille Pfister)

Elisabetta Bernardi - i dolcetti di Kerù - (Inspiration: "IL MONDO DI MARY ANTONY" by Daria Petrilli)

Enrica Altieri - Cake Tentation- Enrica Altieri - (Inspiration: "Melody of Rain" by Michael Cheval)

Evelin Milanesi - Evelindecora - (Inspiration: "CITY ON A HEAD" by Jacek Yerka)

Gina Assini - Tortarte di Gina A - (Inspiration: "IL CARNEVALE DI ARLECCHINO" by Mirò)

Lucia Ricci - Lucia Ricci - (Inspiration: "TRADIMENTO" by Mario Sanchez Nevado)

Lucia Simeone - Lucia Simeone - DolceLulù - (Inspiration: Andriy Dykun)

Margherita Ferrara - Fashflower's cake - (Inspiration: "BESO POSTAL" by Alberto Pancorbo)

Mario Romani - Sweet Airbrush - (Inspiration: Magritte)

Marzia Caruso - Marzia Caruso cake design - (Inspiration: Igor Morski)

Tissì Benvegna - La Torta che Vuoi Tu - (Inspiration: "SHERYL" by Nicoletta Ceccoli)

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