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CAKE CON International 2018 Collaboration
Cake Con Collaboration was formed by Mayra Prado Estrada & Cassandra Rice in 2015. The theme is inspired by the characters known at the World’s largest comic convention held yearly, San Diego Comic Con. The collaboration is formed by talented Sugar artist from around the world who have come together to create some amazing pieces inspired by comics, gaming characters and popular TV series out of edible mediums. In 2017 Jennifer Holst organized the wonderful Cake Con International Exhibit at the Cake & Bake Germany in Dortmund.

Facebook: CAKE CON International
Video: CAKE CON International Video

Pieces, artists and their fb Pages:
Alfred E. Neuman - MAD Magazine by Helen Wilkinson of Who did the cake?
American Dad Roger by Kay Gajra of Kaykes
Azog The Defiler by Anna Piscitelli of Nina's Cake
Baymax of Big Hero 6 by Sam Lucero of Anarchy Cake Studio
Black Canary DC Comics by Margherita Ferrara of Fashflower's Cake
Black Cat Marvel by Tissi Benvegna of La Torta che Vuoi Tu
Captain America by Danielle Lechuga of Cup'N Cake
Chico Bento by Marta Torres of The Cookie Lab - Bolachas Decoradas Artesanais
Chuck Norris by Simone Lopez of Simone Lopez Sugar Artist
DanTDM - Youtuber by Jennifer Jenkins Kennedy of Jenny's Haute Cakes
Davy Jones Baby - Pirati dei Caraibi by Gabriel Castillo & Maria Castro II of Mactortas CAKE Designers
Elektra - Marvel by Lori Ann Mahoney of Lori's Custom Cakes
Emma Frost - Marvel by Rosalinda Mangiapane of Golosamente by Linda
Huntress - DC Comics by Lulú Lucero of Lulú Lucero Sugar
Jack Torrance - The Shining by Adelina Baicu of Le Torte DecorArte
King kong by Federica Cipolla of Le Delizie Di Kicca
Lady EV - Emerald City by Sophia Fox of Sophia Fox Cake Art Studio
Liono Leader of ThunderCats by Ricky B Goode of Love Cake Supplies
Marilyn Monroe by Theresa Täubrich of Crazy Sweets by Theresa Täubrich
Michonnee - The Walking Dead by Nathasja Flapper of Flappergasted Cakes / Next Level Cakes
Mikaela - League of Angels by Deepali Markus of Viktorias Cake
Miss Piggy - I Muppet by Emilia Calvo of Emily Cakes
Pairon Tokyo Otaku Mode by Rita Cannova of Le torte di Clari
Phoenix - X Men I Film Movies by Massimiliano Colla of Mr Sugar Ciok
Princess Zelda - The Legend of Zelda by Nintendo by Mayra Prado Estrada of Cake Creations by ME
Quasimodo - Hotel Transylvania 2 by Diane Fehder of Diane Michelle Cakes
Queen Sindel - Mortal Kombat by Floren Bastante of Floren Bastante / Dulces el Inflón
Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote - Looney Tunes by Cristina DiLeo Cinquino of PrimaCristina Theme Cakes
Sandy & Danny - Grease by Mania Mistiloglou of Candymaniac
Snow White - Il Cacciatore e la Regina di Ghiaccio by Ramona D'incanto of Torte d'incanto
Spider Gwen by Claudia Benevento of La torta perfetta
Stan Lee by Erandeny Cuevas of Luxury baker design
Star-Lord & Baby Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy by Sheila Honrado Haughie of I Love Cakes by Sheila
Storm - X Men I Film by Carla Puig of Carla Puig - Sugar Atelier
Stranger Things by Kylie Mangles of Letterpress Bakery
Thanos The Mad Titan - Marvel by Ana Maurinho Remigio of CUPCAKES & DREAMS
The Corpse Bride - Tim Burton by Wendy Schlagwein of wendy's taarten 4 the love of cake
The Joker - DC Comics by Francesca Speranza of Francesca Speranza Sugar Artist
The Munsters by Silvia Mancini of Silvia Mancini Cake art & Co
The Tick by Heather Sherman of Art2Eat Cakes
Thor by Elena Serena Michelizzi of Elena Serena Michelizzi - Cake Designer
Tracer - Overwatch by Elena Pelizzoli of Il mondo di ielle
Vampirella by Mary Presticci of Mary Presticci Sugar Art
Witchblade by Azzurra Cuomo of Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art
Yelena by Gisi Prekau of Just little cakes
Zootopia - Cheif Bogo, Lt. Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde by Cinzia D'Adamo of Cinzia D'Adamo Cakes

My contribution: Tracer - Overwatch

Find out more: The Italian Cake Design wins the Golden Tier Award..., Italian Sugar Dream is the winner of the Cake Masters Awards... , Sugar Skull Bakes, Acts of Green, Be Red
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