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Almond sablée - Ingredients
(Recipe and images by Armine Tumanyan)
all purpose flour 280 g (10 oz)
almond flour 75 g (2½ oz)
salt 4 g (½ tsp)
butter 100 g (3½ oz) (chilled and chop into small pieces)
icing sugar 63 g (2 oz)
large egg 1
large yolk 1
Diplomatic cream - Ingredients
(Recipe and images by Armine Tumanyan)
pastry cream 500 g (2 cups)
heavy whipping cream 245 g (1 cup)
icing sugar 30 g (1/4 cup)
vanilla 4 g (1 tsp)
cold water 15 g (1 TBSP)
powdered gelatin 3 g (1 tsp)
Cream Tart
Cream Tart is a artistic cake, which is conquering everyone with its colors and shapes. It is a layered cake usually cut out in letter or number shape, or other creative forms, and filled with cream tufts. There are many variations of this recipe. The base can be made of shortcrust pastry, sponge cake or puff pastry and the filling cream can be diplomatic cream, chantilly, mascarpone cream, or any other type of cream that has a fairly strong consistency to maintain the shape of the tufts and support the layers. For shapes and decorations you can have fun with macarons, fresh fruit, small meringues, confectionery, chocolates, candy, and anything the imagination suggests.
For our blog Cream Tart Mania we asked you to send us your creations.
We have selected for you the fabulous cake of Armine Tumanyan, an artist (last four years baking and decorating), who proposes her recipe: Cream Tart with almond sablée, diplomatic cream, macarons and meringues... a real pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds!

How to make Armine Tumanyan's Cream Tart
Almond sablée dough:
Whisk together flour, almond flour and salt. Combine butter and sugar on medium-low speed for about 4 minutes. Mix in the egg and egg yolk. In 2 parts add the flour mixtures. Divide the dough in half, wrap each one in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Roll out the dough and cut out the desired shape. Freeze the design for 10 minutes then bake at 176°C/350°F until golden brown.

Diplomatic cream:
Dissolve gelatin in water, let sit for 5 minutes. Melt in microwave, let cool.
Whip cream and sugar until thickened then add vanilla and gelatin. Whisk until thick and fluffy.
Fold together the pastry cream and whipped cream until smooth.

Assembly of the cake:
place a base of sablée on a serving tray. With a pastry bag, create tufts of diplomatic cream to fill the whole base. Place the second layer of sablée on the cream and repeat the operation. Finally, decorate it, as pleases you, with edible flowers, small meringues, macaroons or candy.

(Recipe and images by Armine Tumanyan)

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